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Welcome to Liberation Ergonomics

“Gary Waskowsky was instrumental in creating our Integrative Medicine program at Aurora Hospital of San Diego. He provides Feldenkrais® Movement, Heartmath Biofeedback and several other healing methods.  High rates of patient satisfaction and a reduction in pain medication was directly attributed to Gary’s work. Some called him a miracle-worker.  I highly recommend Gary for anyone working with chronic pain or stress issues.”

– Maria Bautista, M.D.

I’m Gary Waskowsky, Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, as well as being certified to teach Heartmath biofeedback and EFT meridian tapping.

I combine these cutting edge healing modalities into a program I call Liberation Ergonomics.  Liberation Ergonomics provides Integrative Medicine methods to promote healing and resiliency on physical, cognitive and energetic levels.

The pages on this website provide an introduction to these methods. You can learn in minutes skills and insights that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Liberation Ergonomics changes your patterns of movement, cognition and energy to transform you on a level beyond traditional methods of coping.  Please enjoy the site’s lessons and videos and join our email list to receive quarterly newsletters with bonus gifts such as Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement audio files. The Products page will give an opportunity for more in depth movement learning to heal and empower you.

I enjoy consulting in the workplace to improve the health and creativity of any business immediately. I have designed, implemented and functioned as the main provider for a hospital Integrative Medicine track. Your workplace can benefit from this expertise on whatever scale your company functions.  Imagine providing an environment where employees can leave healthier then they came. Check out Rollercise on the Products page.  A Rollercise break can refresh while releasing chronic back tension. Every workplace would benefit, as back pain is the leading cause of missed work. I can also provide cutting edge stress management tools like Heartmath biofeedback and EFT meridian tapping to be part of an ongoing program to reduce employee costs.

I have an office in Encinitas, California for private appointments as well as a Skype option for world-wide access. Contact me to set up an appointment.

Thank you for visiting my site. I consider this work to be part of the Global Shift toward a higher frequency of joy and abundance.